Facilities & Instrumentation

IMPORTANT:  In the event of emergencies, contact John Wipperfurth (M-F during normal working hours) or UW Safety.

For building issues outside of office hours, try calling or texting John and if there is no reply within 5 minutes then contact UW Safety


Faculty, staff, and students in the departments of Entomology, Forest and Wildlife Ecology, and Plant Pathology; Hub staff.


1. Building Management

  • Emergency building contact
  • Building access – keys, cards
  • Building deliveries and loading dock
  • Building capital equipment inventory
  • Departmental fleet vehicles
  • Facilities repair and maintenance – offices, labs and offsite Ag buildings and fields
  • Liaison with UW Police and Security, Physical Plant and Facilities Planning and Management

2. Building Maintenance

  • Refrigeration units, -80 freezers, water systems, belts, switches and general instrumentation, and more
  • Plant growth rooms
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3. Instrumentation

3a. Maintenance

  • Scientific field equipment, instrumentation, lab apparatus and equipment

3b. Design/Fabrication/Assembly – only if time is available:

  • Scientific field equipment
  • Instrumentation
  • Lab apparatus and equipment
  • Unique scientific equipment