Conference Room Calendars

NOTE:  These conference rooms are for use by the departments in Russell Labs – Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Forest and Wildlife Ecology.  If you are not part of one of these departments, please do not submit a conference room reservation request. 

Click the room number below to view the room’s calendars.

Room Description Resources
A120 Computer Lab This room has 30 student computers and chairs, and 1 instructor computer, a projector and 4 whiteboards.
A121 Classroom/Conference Room Classroom/Conference Room – Tables, 25 chairs, a projector, and 3 whiteboards.
A139 Interview Room Table, 7 chairs, and chalkboard.
A228 Classroom Lab Capacity of 48 students classroom style, a notebook computer connected to the projector, sink, refrigerator, coat hangers, and chalkboard.
A232 Conference Room Tables, 17 chairs, projector, sink, coat hangers, and taxidermy.
216 FWE Conference Room (Schorger Library) Tables, 30 chairs, projector, and a large flatscreen TV with a computer for using Skype and other conferencing connected.
243 Ento Conference Room Tables, 24 chairs, projector, and a large flatscreen TV.
594 Conference Room Conference Room – Tables, 21 chairs, kitchen attached, coat hangers, chalkboard and flatscreen TV.
Please follow this link on using the Projection system in 594.


Rooms Available with Additional Permission

147 – Classroom Lab (Entomology)
153 – Classroom Lab (Entomology)
187 – Classroom Lab (Plant Pathology)
295 – Classroom Lab

GA Rooms Available in Building for Large Groups

104 – Classroom, capacity 35
150 – Classroom, capacity 56
184 – Lecture room, capacity 145

*GA (General Assignment) classrooms are controlled by the Registrar’s Office. Please contact the Hub Student Services Coordinator to reserve a GA classroom.