Russell Labs Conference Rooms

These conference rooms are for use only by Russell Labs departments – Entomology, Plant Pathology, and Forest and Wildlife Ecology.  

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Note: Building hours are M-F 6am – 6pm.   The building is closed and locked outside those hours, on weekends, and on holidays.  If you schedule a meeting when the building is closed, you will need a key to get in the building.  For questions on building hours or keys, please see the Building page.

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Room/Dept. A120 (FWE) A121 (FWE) A228 (FWE) A232 (FWE) 216 (FWE) (Schorger Library) 243 (Ento) 594 (Plant Path)
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Room Type: Computer Lab Classroom/
Classroom Lab Conference Conference  Conference  Conference 
Capacity: 30 16 48 17 30 24 21
Chairs: 30 25 48 student desks 17 30 24 21
Computers: 30 student,
1 instructor
      11   1
Projector: 2
TV & A/V Teleconferencing 4 3 4
Writing Surfaces: 4 whiteboards 3 whiteboards chalkboard        
Sink: in adjacent kitchen
Refrigerator: in adjacent kitchen
Coat Hangers:  
Miscellaneous:       taxidermy      
  Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo Photo

1 The computer in the Schorger Library is setup for teleconferencing.
2 Please follow this link on using the Projection system in 594.  NOTE this RLIT KB doc expired and needs to be reviewed and set to active.
3 A mobile Logitech meetup device is available for small break-out groups housed in A228. Please email RL Computing at to check it out. 
4 These rooms have teleconferencing through their projectors.

Department-Specific Rooms

147 – Entomology teaching lab; contact Dan Young for info
187 – Plant Pathology teaching lab; contact Jack Mouradian for info
295 – Plant Pathology teaching lab; contact Jack Mouradian for info
584 – Plant Pathology library; contact Chair Amanda Gevens for info

Additional Rooms

These rooms are not controlled by the Hub and cannot be scheduled through Outlook 365 or Outlook.  If you are interested in booking these rooms, please contact the Hub Administrative Assistant.

Russell Labs Classrooms for Large Groups

104 – Classroom, capacity 35
150 – Classroom, capacity 56
184 – Lecture room, capacity 145

Resources for Those Classrooms

Lactation Room

Russell Labs also has a lactation room – click here to view instructions on using Outlook 365 or Outlook to reserve the room.