Current Projects

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+Centralized Accounts Receivable and Billing Project


This project aims to standardize fee for service (136 account) operations including invoicing, payment collection, and reporting.

Timeline:  TBD

Area: Financial Services

Russell Contact: Margaret Webster

Groups Impacted: 136 fee-for-service account holders

Campus Links:

  • TBD
+Procure to Pay Automation Project (P2P)

Description: This is a UW system-wide project that aims to consolidate purchasing processes into one online system.

The Shop@UW site will be enhanced to ShopUW+ to accommodate the changes.  All purchasing transactions other than p-card will be initiated in ShopUW+.  Depending on the type of purchase and dollar amount, a series of approvals may be required before the order is placed.

Key Changes:

  • Orders over $300 will be routed through an approval process.
  • Users will log in with their NetID and password instead of an MDS number.
  • Valid funding must be entered by user when placing order. Russell Labs will no longer reallocate funding via the Tracking Form after the order is placed.


  • Early April: training sessions for ShopUW+ will be available.
  • April 13:     last day to order through MDS as you currently do.
  • April 16:    ShopUW+ goes live.

Area: Financial Services

Russell Contact: Margaret Webster, Amber Hawkey, Christine Terrien

Groups Impacted: 

  • Current Shop@UW users
  • Employees or students that submit other types of payment requests (PO/requisitions, Direct Payments, Payment to Individual Reports)
P2P Roles and Workflow in Russell Labs



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+Title and Total Compensation Project (TTC)


This project aims to organize job titles and create consistent job descriptions, and compare our job titles with similar titles and work done in peer institutions and other organizations to create a market based pay structure.

Current Status:

Employees subject to TTC have been reviewed by HR and mapped to new job titles based on their current position descriptions.

What to expect:

In the coming days, Russell Labs HR (Sonia Parker and Candice Butler) will be emailing supervisors with detailed instructions and information on evaluating new employee job descriptions and having conversations with employees.


We are asking for information back from supervisors by Monday, July 26 to meet CALS and Campus deadlines.  PLEASE plan to set aside some time in the coming weeks to work through the next steps.

Area: HR

Russell Contacts:

  • Entomology, Plant Pathology – Candice Butler
  • FWE, Hub – Sonia Parker
  • Overall – Alyson Amenda

Note:  This work will be a heavy lift for HR in July and into August, but we will attempt to be available as much as needed to answer questions and work through the next steps of the process.

Groups Impacted: University staff and academic staff

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+Endpoint Management Project

Description: This project will standardize the IT asset management from purchase to deprecation of all UW owned and leased assets that connect to a network.

Key Changes:

  • All newly purchased IT assets will need patch management and IT security software installed.
  • All computers will be named with a standard naming convention.
  • All deprecated IT assets will need to be turned into RL IT to remove residual data.

Timeline: April-December 2021

Area: Russell IT

Russell Contact: Dave Sandra

Groups Impacted: Faculty, staff, and students with university-owned (purchased) machines; Hub staff