584 Library - Plant Path Conference Room Calendar

Plant Pathology Library Usage Plan 


584 (the main library) 

Who Can Use the Room? 

Primarily, the Plant Pathology community – faculty, staff, graduate students, and Plant Pathology student organizations are users of this space.  

Can the Room Be Used by Other Departments? 

With approval from the Plant Pathology Department Chair, other departments may request use of 584. The Library annex – room 584A can be reserved by all departments of RL. 

Can the Room Be Reserved in Outlook? 


How is the Room Usage Divided? 

Type of Event Booked in Advance? Examples
Scheduled Community Events Yes Dept. Tues Seminars, Friday @ 4 Seminars, SAPS Lunch and Learn Sessions

Ad Hoc Community Events 


PP Spring Honors & Awards Event, PP Winter Appreciation Reception  

Non-reserved time 
Available for “pop in” usage 


  • ad hoc studying
  • small group conversations
  • student meals
  • mental health ‘regrouping’ space

Ad Hoc Community Events 

If the Library is available, Plant Path faculty, staff, students and affiliated student organizations may request its use, with the following restrictions on the event: 

  • Must generally be non-recurring 
  • Must be approved in advance by the department chair 
  • Must be for the good of the Community 
  • Must generally not be held over lunch 

To apply, please check the calendar below to see if the room is available, and then email the department chair, Amanda Gevens, for discretionary approval. gevens@wisc.edu