Student Services FAQs

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+How Can I Contact my Academic Advisor?

To meet with Allee, please schedule an appointment in Starfish.

The best way to reach Allee for one-on-one advice is to schedule an appointment in Starfish. Allee can also be reached via email, but may be slow to respond to individual messages.

  1. Urgent Requests
    Students: please contact Russell Labs Hub Student Worker(s) at to triage.
    Colleagues: please feel free to contact Allee through the chat feature in Microsoft Teams.
  2. Non-Urgent Requests
    If you have a non-urgent request, would like a status update on something, or would like to consult with others who may have similar experience – please consider stopping by for Allee’s virtual office hours!
  3. Quick question? Want to collaborate with others to get ideas?
    Join Allee for “Ask Allee Anything” – for hours and additional info, see the Ask Allee Anything page.
+How Can I Contact My Faculty Advisor?

Faculty advisors can be reached via email, and typically schedule their own appointments.

+Requesting permission to enroll in a course with the Entomology, Plant Pathology, or Forest & Wildlife Ecology subject listings?

Please email for assistance.   

If the course you are planning to enroll under requires an authorization form, you should be able to find forms on the relevant department website:

Once the form is filled out, please sent it to and be patient while it is processed. You will be informed when permission has been granted for you to enroll.


+Completing a milestone of graduate study this semester (MS thesis defense, prelim exam, or final PhD defense)?

Don’t forget to request your warrant! Your first step will be to fill out this webform: Warrant request form (online). The web form goes to Russell Labs Student Services and is then used to generate your warrant with the Graduate School.

If you have requested your warrant but have not heard back, please sit tight and trust that in queue and will be ready by your defense date.

Once the warrant is generated, Russell Labs Hub Staff will be in touch about the next steps. 

Webpage outlining graduate student milestones and steps to graduation. 

+Enrollment Troubleshooting Tips

Enrollment Troubleshooting Tips

  • Holds: If you are unsure why you have a hold, use this resource!  
  • Revalidate: Holds all gone, but still having issues? Select the courses in your cart that have the error and click the “Revalidate” button.  
  • Requisites and Class notes: Be sure to read through a course’s full section page on Course, Search, & Enroll, to learn about pre-requisites and course-specific enrollment information.  

Reference images for all the above and more can be found here.    


Certain courses are starting to fill. In these cases, try to obtain a place on the course’s waitlist. Though this will not guarantee you a seat in the course, it will help show that you are interested in enrolling in the course if a space becomes available. 

If you did not get on to a course’s waitlist:

  • continue to monitor for available space as students could drop at any point between now and the start of the term. 

If you did get on to a course’s waitlist and seats open in the course:

  • often closer to the start of the new term, please be assured that staff are actively monitoring the waitlist. If a seat becomes available for you, you will receive directions on how to enroll off the waitlist. These invitations expire after 2 days, so make sure to monitor your campus email closely. Priority on waitlists is usually given to seniors, then juniors, then sophomores, etc.