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Hub Newsletter - Spring Semester 2024

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+Staffing News

Welcome Mariah Allen, Russell Labs Hub Contracts and Grants Specialist! Change

Mariah Allen joined the Hub in March.

You can learn more about Mariah in the welcome article.

Mariah’s contact information and schedule can be found on the staff page of the Hub website.

Welcome Elyce Rodrigues, Russell Labs Hub Administrative Manager! Change

Elyce Rodrigues joined the Hub in November.

You can learn more about Elyce in the welcome article.

Elyce’s contact information and schedule can be found on the staff page of the Hub website.


+HR News

To learn more about the Russell Labs HR/Payroll area, please visit their homepage on the Hub website:

Performance Reviews – Annual Summary Evaluations  Deadline is 3/31   Deadline

This is a friendly reminder to supervisors that the deadline for Annual Summary Evaluations is 3/31.  Please complete these as soon as possible if they’re not done yet.  HR will be following up with individual supervisors in the coming weeks.

You can find more information on the CALS HR Performance Management page.

If you have further questions, please reach out to Russell Labs HR generalists.

Who Does What in the Hub Page   Resource

Not sure who does what in the Hub?  We have a page for that.

Mental Health Resources   Resource


+Administrative News

To learn more about the Russell Labs Administrative area, please visit their homepage on the Hub website:

Russell Labs Weekly Walks   Resource

Looking to get outdoors and exercise?

Ashley Bowman, our Hub Administrative Assistant, has begun organizing weekly walks.

Each Tuesday at noon, a group of employees meets and walks on campus for 30 minutes.

For more information, contact Ashley at:

Entomology and FWE Photo Boards Updated

Over the last couple months, student assistant Janet Seidl has been working hard at updating the photo boards for Entomology (students and faculty/staff) and FWE (faculty/staff).

Janet has put in a lot of hours on this –  determining current lists of whose photos should be posted; tracking down photos of each individual student, faculty member, staff, or emeritus faculty; determining what size photo she had to print in order to fit them all on the boards; printing each photo to that custom size as well as the names of each individual person; painstakingly cutting out each photo and nametag; and finally, posting them all. It has been a lengthy and tedious process.

Thanks to Janet’s hard work and perseverance, we now have current photos posted for Entomology and FWE.

Thanks so much, Janet!


+Information Technology News

To learn more about the Russell Labs Information Technology area, please visit their homepage on the Hub website:

Russell IT New Help Desk Ticketing System  Change

Applies to: Russell Labs faculty, staff and students who request non-website* IT support.

*Requests for website support should still be sent to or sent through this form.

All email requests sent to are now routed into a request management system called Web Help Desk.

Read the rest of the article on the new ticket system.

Questions? Contact Russell Labs IT: 

Graduating or Leaving the UW?  Take Action Before You Lose Access to Your Email  Process

Students graduating in spring 2024 and every graduating class after that will no longer have indefinite access to their email account, calendar, contacts and tasks.

Those who graduate or leave UW will lose access to their email account and other Microsoft 365 data 9 months after leaving the university.

For complete details, please see the original article on DoIT’s website

Contact the DoIT Help Desk if you need assistance.

Changes to Email Security  Change

Hackers often use email to trick people into infecting their devices with viruses or malware. 

The email may look innocent, but when you click on a link, a website opens and downloads malicious software. 

On February 5th, DoIT began scanning website links to help protect your devices.  

If the scanning software decides the link destination is unsafe, the website will not open. 

Read the rest of the article on changes to email security.

Questions? Contact Russell Labs IT: 


+Facilities/Instrumentation News

To learn more about the Russell Labs Facilities and Instrumentation area, please visit their homepage on the Hub website:

Facilities Service Request Form  Resource

Use our form to request services from our Facilities and Instrumentation department.

You can also access the form by clicking the beige Request Service from Facilities button on the Hub homepage.

Please use this form as an alternative to direct emails or phone calls or stopping the Facilities crew in the hallways and asking us for help.  This is new to all of us, so we ask for your patience with this as well.  And, as always, constructive criticism is welcome.

How to Reserve Department Vehicles   Resource

Check out our new KB doc on how to reserve department vehicles.  It includes:

  • A list of vehicles you can reserve
  • Eligibility
  • Reservation process
  • What to do if you get in an accident
  • What to do if you get a ticket

We recommend you bookmark the vehicle reservation KB doc on your mobile device for future reference.

You may also wish to bookmark the info on this page for the information in the Alternate Lots table. If you click the lot name, it will bring up the campus map with the number of currently open spots in the lot or ramp.


+Financial/Grants News

To learn more about the Russell Labs Financial and Grants areas, please visit their homepages on the Hub website:

Warning: End of Fiscal Year Coming   Deadline

The end of the university fiscal year is coming.

Some of the cutoff dates begin in March.

The two earliest end dates are:

March 22, 2024 Purchase Requests for FY 2024 with a dollar amount greater or equal to $50,000 may require bidding and should be submitted in ShopUW+.
This includes lab equipment.
April 1, 2024
Purchase Requisition(s) for goods and services expected to be delivered in FY 2025 may begin to be created for FY 2025 in ShopUW+.

P-card Purchase Deadline

All p-card purchase transactions are due by June 27, 2024.  Please do your p-card transactions as soon as possible.

Full List of Deadlines

You can view the full list of fiscal year deadlines on UW Accounting Services Year-End Accounting page.


Travel Vendor Switches Back to Fox World Travel July 1st, 2024  Change

The UW’s contract for individual travel with Travel Incorporated ends June 30th, 2024.

Timeline for Transition

Date Description
Wednesday, June 26  Final day of booking in Concur with Travel Inc.
Thursday, June 27 – Monday, July 1  Concur Unavailable
Thursday, June 27 – Sunday June 30  Travel Inc. must be contacted for immediate booking needs
Monday, July 1  All live current and future reservations transferred to Fox
Monday, July 1  Fox must be contacted for immediate booking needs
Tuesday, July 2  Concur is available under the new Fox configuration

How to Prepare for the Transition

  • Retrieve all Travel Incorporated invoices that are required to be filed with payment mechanisms before the July 1st, 2024 transition date.
  • Utilize any open ticket credits on file (e.g. cancelled tickets, vouchers) before the July 1st, 2024, transition.
    Travel Incorporated will only support unused open ticket credits until October 1
    st, 2024, at which point there will be no method to recover any funds or apply to a future flight.
    Review Open Ticket Guidance for assistance.

For More Information:


+Student Services News

To learn more about the Russell Labs Student Services area, please visit their homepage on the Hub website:

Key Dates for Spring Semester 2024 – Grad Degrees

Date Description
Dec. 25 Spring Degree Window Period begins*
Jan. 22 Spring Degree Window Period deadline for master’s students*
Jan. 22 Dissertator Eligibility for spring 2024
Jan. 22 Spring Degree Window Period deadline for doctoral students*
Apr. 19 Request for all Master’s and Doctoral Degree Warrants
May 10 Master’s Degree Deadline. Degree candidates must complete all steps.
May 12 Doctoral Degree Deadline. Degree candidates must complete all steps.

*Important Note: The “Window Period” is the time between the end of one degree period and the beginning of the next.
You must have been registered for the previous semester (Fall, Spring, or Summer).
If all degree requirements are met by the end of the window period, your degree will be granted for the
following semester. However, you will not have to register or pay fees for the next semester.

We put the key date tables for Spring, Summer and Fall Semester 2024 on the Student Services Resource page – we recommend you visit the page and bookmark it.

Student Services Resources Page   Resource

Visit our Student Services Resources page to learn more about the following topics:

  • MS and PhD Milestones and Steps to Graduation
  • Advising Hold Release Request Form
  • Student Services FAQs
  • Student Services Links
  • Student Services Wellness Resources
  • Resources for Faculty and Instructors

. . . and more.