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Hub Newsletter – Fall Semester 2023

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Staffing News

Welcome Chad Teubert, Facilities Technician!    Change

Please join me in welcoming Chad Teubert (pronounced Tie-Bert) to the Russell Labs Facilities and Instrumentation Team.

Chad may look familiar as he was with FP&M for the past 4 ½ years and has had Russell as one of his assigned buildings.

We are looking forward to having Chad help us with the many requests and challenges that are related to our 3 departments.

Chad is currently setting up shop in Tom’s old shop, B54G, but he will be moving into my shop/office B81 in the near future.  We are working to get him up and running with cell phone, office phone, and email as soon as possible.  His email is cteubert@wisc.edu.  Please be patient with us as we get him acclimated to the Russell Labs team.

Thank you all for helping keep Russell successful!

Congratulations to Tim Lorenz, Our New Hub Facilities & Instrumentation Manager    Change

Please join us in warmly congratulating Tim Lorenz, our new Hub Facilities, Instrumentation and Building Manager!

Tim started at Russell Labs in 2016 as an Instrument Maker and was promoted after John Wipperfurth’s retirement.

His contact information and schedule can be found on the staff page of the Hub website. 

You can find a full list of the services Facilities and Instrumentation offers on their area homepage.

Timothy Lorenz



HR News

To learn more about the Russell Labs HR/Payroll area, please visit their homepage on the Hub website:  https://hub.russell.wisc.edu/area-homepages/hr-home/

Who Does What in the Hub Page   Resource

Not sure who does what in the Hub?  We have a page for that.

Annual Benefits Enrollment – 9/25-10/20   Upcoming Deadline

UW-Madison’s annual benefits enrollment period is happening 9/25/2023 – 10/20/2022. Annual Benefits Enrollment is the only time you can make changes to certain benefits without having an eligible life event (for example, marriage, birth, or divorce) or qualifying employment change during the year.

Certain benefits (like High-Deductible Health Plans (HDHP) require re-enrollment each year.

Questions?  Please contact the Russell Labs HR generalists.

Mental Health Resources   Resource

New “How to Hire” Docs  Resource

Russell HR has created a series of “How to Hire Docs” in the Russell KB:


Administrative News

To learn more about the Russell Labs Administrative area, please visit their homepage on the Hub website: https://hub.russell.wisc.edu/area-homepages/administration-home/

Useful Resources   Resource

Conference Room Reservation Process   Process

UW-Madison faculty, staff, students can reserve Russell Labs conference rooms using Outlook 365 or Outlook.



  • For questions on how to use Outlook or Outlook 365 to reserve conference rooms, please email help@russell.wisc.edu. 
  • For questions about the conference rooms and reservation rules/procedures, please contact Ashley Bowman 608-262-6838 adbowman@wisc.edu


Information Technology News

To learn more about the Russell Labs Information Technology area, please visit their homepage on the Hub website: https://hub.russell.wisc.edu/area-homepages/computing-home/

Search by Date Tips in Microsoft Outlook 365  Resource

If you’re like most people, you have a lot of email in your Microsoft Outlook 365 folders.

Finding a particular email can be like finding a needle in a haystack.

In addition to searching by text, you can also search for a specific date, or range of dates.

  • Search by sent date:
    • syntax: sent: date
    • example: sent: 7/15/2023
  • Search by received date:
    • syntax: received: date
    • example: received: 7/15/2023
  • Search by received date – date range:
    • syntax:received:>=firstdate AND received:<=seconddate
    • received:>=02/23/2023 AND received:<=02/25/2023

Requesting Content Updates and News Items on Department Websites   Procedure

Please refer to this list when requesting content updates to the department websites:

  • Entomology – contact PJ Liesch
  • Plant Pathology – complete form
  • Forest and Wildlife Ecology – info

Helpful IT How-to Docs  Resource


Facilities/Instrumentation News

To learn more about the Russell Labs Facilities and Instrumentation area, please visit their homepage on the Hub website: https://hub.russell.wisc.edu/area-homepages/facilities-instrumentation-home/

New Facilities Service Request Form  Change

Use our new form to request services from our Facilities and Instrumentation department.

You can also access the form by clicking the beige Request Service from Facilities button on the Hub homepage.

Please use this form as an alternative to direct emails or phone calls or stopping the Facilities crew in the hallways and asking us for help.  This is new to all of us, so we ask for your patience with this as well.  And, as always, constructive criticism is welcome.

How to Reserve Department Vehicles   Resource

Check out our new KB doc on how to reserve department vehicles.  It includes:

  • A list of vehicles you can reserve
  • Eligibility
  • Reservation process
  • What to do if you get in an accident
  • What to do if you get a ticket

We recommend you bookmark the vehicle reservation KB doc on your mobile device for future reference.

You may also wish to bookmark the info on this page for the information in the Alternate Lots table. If you click the lot name, it will bring up the campus map with the number of currently open spots in the lot or ramp.

Lower Your Lab Repair Bills: A Little Training Goes a Long Way   Tip

Fall brings new lab members, and a great opportunity for training them on how to use lab equipment safely.

Lab equipment is expensive and could be problematic to replace.  Equipment repairs or replacements could delay work for days or weeks.

Help keep your lab equipment up and running with the following tips.

Training Tips

  • At a lab meeting, discuss shared equipment like autoclaves, cold rooms, and refrigerators.  Describe  where the lab managers keep the operating instructions.
  • Detail the cost of the lab equipment to new lab members.
  • Explain that broken lab equipment could delay the lab’s work for days or weeks.
  • Have an existing lab member demonstrate how to use the equipment, and shadow new lab members until they are comfortable using the equipment.
  • Encourage new lab members to ask for help if they have questions, and not to attempt any repairs. 

Maintenance Tips

  • If you have a -80 degree freezer – check and clean the condenser filters on your freezer every three months. If you don’t know how to do this, please contact Tim Lorenz (tlorenz2@wisc.edu).
  • Dispose of dry ice properly:
    • Do NOT leave dry ice in lab sinks.  It will break the sinks due to the temperature differential, and your lab will have to pay to replace the sink. You will also have to wait for the sink to be ordered and installed.
    • DO contact Facilities staff via this form – they will come and dispose of it safely.
    • You can also leave the dry ice in the Styrofoam container it came in and it will dissipate over time.

Building Keys   Change

Tim Lorenz, the Russell Building Manager, handles requests for keys. Tim is located in B81.

What to Do In An Emergency   Change

Tiny FireFire or Need to Evacuate Building:

  • Pull fire alarm
    • If time allows, call Police & Security at 911 with details
  • Evacuate promptly whenever alarm sounds
  • Move to designated assembly area 100’ from the building. 
  • Do not block emergency vehicle routes. 
  • Do not re-enter the building until an all clear is given by the building manager or emergency personnel.

See Also: Russell Labs Building Evacuation Plan


Financial/Grants News

To learn more about the Russell Labs Financial and Grants areas, please visit their homepages on the Hub website:

Important Info for University Purchasing Card Users and Cardholders   Alert

University purchasing cards save you a ton of time and personal liability.

The price we pay for the purchasing cards is to complete paperwork before the deadline.

In order to keep your purchasing card…

Reconcile your charges and upload your paperwork on time:

  • as soon after the purchase as possible
  • at least 10 days before the closing deadline

We recommend you set a calendar reminder to complete the paperwork.

  • Know the rules.*
  • Follow the rules.
  • If you don’t – you could forfeit your card!

* Don’t want to read? You can take training online OR talk to Hub Financial Services staff.

Travel Resources   Resource

Before traveling, consider contacting Financial Services staff for guidance.

They can guide you through the numerous University rules covering travel and reimbursement.

Other Resources:


Student Services News

To learn more about the Russell Labs Student Services area, please visit their homepage on the Hub website: https://hub.russell.wisc.edu/area-homepages/student-services/

Student Services Resources Page   Resource

Visit our Student Services Resources page to learn more about the following topics:

  • MS and PhD Milestones and Steps to Graduation
  • Advising Hold Release Request Form
  • Student Services FAQs
  • Student Services Links
  • Student Services Wellness Resources
  • Resources for Faculty and Instructors

. . . and more.